Tuesday, September 11

Praying for rain....

I just CAN'T seem to get in the habit of updating my blog! I feel like I need to add pictures or some graphics, and I've never got time to upload the photos......oh, well, I guess I'll just start writing and I can always add the pictures later.

We are so dry here - we haven't had a drop of rain in over 6 weeks. It actually looks like it might rain this evening, but it will probably all dry up before it gets here. At least they have had some up at our mountain place this afternoon. They are REALLY hurting up there - having to feed the cows and horses hay for the last month.

School is lots of fun. I don't even feel old most days. My really old moment was when the kid next to me had to enter his birthday.....and he was born in 1989 - that was pretty sobering! I realized that I had been out in the working world for almost 10 years when he was born. But in general, they seem to accept me and not treat me like an "old lady". I had my first test last week and made a 96 - a good start.

I've also started going to the rec center after classes - to walk on the track, the treadmill, ride the bike or the rowing machine. My goal is 45 minutes of aerobic exercise 3 days a week, plus the 30 minutes of walking I get walking back and forth to the rec center - totally on the other side of campus from my classes.

Mom went to the doctor today and was given the green light - for driving and basically for everything else - her only goal is keep from falling again. She left here a few minutes ago in her car......I've said a few prayers for her and the others on the road this afternoon!

I've started Savannah's birthday present - the Carousel Horse from Knitting Daily. I'm doing the body in neon pink, with purple, blue, turquoise and gold accents. I hope it turns out better than it looks right now (unstuffed) - it sort of looks like an aardvark.....

Wednesday, August 29

Birthday celebrations!

Last night started a busy round of birthday celebrations for me.....we had dinner with our mothers last night, I have dinner with my friends from Charlotte tonight, I have lunch with friends from Winston tomorrow, the Warthogs game tomorrow night, and then off to Myrtle Beach for the weekend! Wow!

Oh, well, now I'm off to school......

Tuesday, August 28

Back to school and back to blogging!

Okay - I'm trying this again! It's been a crazy summer - my mother broke her hip in May, so that consumed most of May, June and half of July. And now I've enrolled at UNCG and have started classes - pursuing my second degree in Geography. It's been a blast so far, even though everyone in my classes looks to be about 12. I'm taking two intro level classes: GEO 121 - Introduction to ArcGIS, and GEO 103 - Introduction to Earth Science. Both instructors seem to be very good, and the workload is not overwhelming.

On a knitting note, I have finally gotten my invitation to Ravelry, and am in the process of updating all my projects, etc. When it goes public, you MUST check it out - it's fabulous! My current projects are the Carousel Horse for Savannah's birthday, and I'm getting ready to start on the Waves scarf for myself.

On a yoga note, the yoga wall has been installed at Sunrise and it is wonderful! The stretches and lengthening you can get using it is amazing! I've started to get some private lessons once a week, and we've been using the wall to stretch my shoulders and hamstrings.

On miscellaenous notes, Tom has just won a contest from the Hickory newspaper to "walk with the pros" at the Hickory Classic Seniors golf tournament at Rock Barn in September. He is VERY excited! He doesn't know yet who he'll be walking with or who he'll take with him.

Saturday, July 7

Lots of finished projects!

I finished both the bunny sweater and the Nantucket Jacket these last 2 weeks! Pictures to follow.....The Nantucket Jacket is VERY big on me -too wide and too short. I'm hoping that blocking will help. The bunny jacket turned out adorable and the kids are coming in today so I will give it to Savannah this weekend. Hopefully, I'll have a picture with her wearing it on Monday!

On a yoga note, I found out yesterday that my yoga studio is installing a yoga wall this summer - very exciting!

Thursday, June 28

Making progress....

I'm making progress - I did the shoulder seams and put in one sleeve yesterday. I should finish today. I think it's actually going to fit!

Tuesday, June 26

Seaming dread....

Today comes my least favorite part of knitting - seaming together the parts. But the finished object should be worth it -can't wait to see if it fits!

Sunday, June 24

Nantucket Jacket - blocking!

As promised - here are the pieces and parts of my Nantucket Jacket.......